Business website development – a job for the professionals

The early days of the commercialised internet, in the first of the 1990s, were an incredibly exciting time for those of a technical bent. Not only was the internet a great way for geeks to communicate with geeks, but it was also a vast, uncharted play space, allowing them to develop new features to their hearts’ content. Indeed, some of this early innovative work produced great things, such as early web browsers capable of displaying images (a novelty at the time), and inspiring precursors of Skype, making use of VOIP.

Furthermore, this heady creative atmosphere made possible the development of “do-it-yourself” website development tools, such as Dreamweaver and Front Page. These programmes enabled users without knowledge of html coding to construct perfectly respectable amateur sites using a WYSIWIG interface (“what you see is what you get”). Consequently, the era of personal home pages was born, and it was furthermore the norm even for business owners to construct their own sites with this user-friendly software.

Perhaps inevitably, however, the internet has grown and changed: it has become more technically sophisticated, both in terms of the back-end code, and in terms of the end user experience. For instance, users now regularly expect to interact with website content, through activities such as online booking, as well as to upload, view and listen to rich media.

In this new era of high user expectations and greater complexity, it is considerably more challenging to create a convincing amateur website. Even to create a slick, easy-to-navigate web design, leaving aside technical questions, is a tall order. At the very least such an exercise would be really time-consuming, so much so indeed that business people these days rather balk at the prospect.

In reality, it is hard to imagine the owner of a frantically pressed small business tinkering with website components and design templates in their precious moments of spare time.

Thus, increasingly, business website owners are turning to the professionals for their web design needs. Here at SEO Consult, one the UK’s leading web design and SEO companies, we have a track record in producing elegant, effective and distinctive websites for a variety of businesses and organisations.

One of the reasons for our success in this area is our consultative approach to web development. We build our clients’ websites making use of programming languages, such as PHP, and JavaScript, thus doing all the heavy lifting. However, once we have a good working template, we involve the client through using a CMS, or Content Management System. This enables the client to get an early look at the site, and submit test content for themselves.

Thus our clients feel part of the process of web design, without getting bogged down in the technical details.

Moreover, we offer a range of additional facilities which will answer your every need. These include, for example, providing a professional ecommerce component, which we will ensure fits in perfectly with the overall look and feel of your website.

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