Twitchers get a surprise when using their binoculars

There are many birdwatchers in the UK and the country is a great place to see a range of featured creatures. However, one group of twitchers recently got more than they bargained for when they took their binoculars to a headland near Redcar in Cleveland.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, the birdwatchers had travelled to the spot after receiving word that a Hume’s Leaf Warbler had been seen there. These creatures are very rare in the UK, so they tend to cause a stir among those with bird watching binoculars.

As well as seeing the exotic animal, they also caught sight of a glamour modelling shoot that was taking place. Two scantily clad models were being photographed on a motorbike.

However, the warbler was not deterred by all the activity and it stayed around after the models, along with their minder, had left the area.

One man who had made the trip to Redcar to see the Hume’s Leaf Warbler remarked: “Bird-watching is full of surprises.”

This was not the only sighting of the warblers in recent times. A group of enthusiasts along with their binoculars saw three of the animals in Lowestoft, the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press reported.

It is thought that the feathered creatures had been blown off course while attempting their migration from Mongolia and north eastern Afghanistan to their winter home in India and the foothills of the Himalayas.

A spectacular image of one of the birds was taken by birdwatcher Robert Wincup.

It is common for groups of birdwatchers to congregate en masse when reports of sightings of unusual birds come in. Indeed, in some cases people travel hundreds of miles in the hope of catching a glimpse of the animals through their bird watching binoculars.

Meanwhile, these days it is possible to buy superb quality viewing equipment of this kind at great value prices, making the hobby accessible.

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