Shelving utilised in New Westminster library

Libraries up and down the nation make use of shelving and a new book lending centre located in Westminster is no exception. Recently, the local authority launched an Express Library at Westminster Archives Centre.

The facility, complete with its shelving storage, is intended to provide users with a fast and convenient way of accessing books. Located on the ground-floor reception area of the centre, it currently holds a collection of around 1,000 books and caters for both youngsters and adults alike.

Meanwhile, ensuring it is thoroughly modern, it also has a computer suite.

Westminster City Council is providing the service for local residents who find it difficult to get to other larger book lending outlets in the area, such as Victoria and Pimlico libraries. To help ensure that those who frequent the Express Library have access to a broad range of books, they can use the site to pick up tomes they have reserved from other libraries in the area.

Commenting on the development, Westminster’s cabinet member for customer services and transformation Councillor Melvyn Caplan said: “Our new Express Library is a convenient way for nearby residents, young and old alike, to access a selection of books and computer facilities, enhancing our existing offering of 11 libraries around Westminster.”

He added: “We are determined to pull out all the stops in promoting literacy among residents, and in the face of limited resources this is one more example of how we can use innovative ways to achieve our goals and protect services.”

Shelving is a superb way of storing books as it enables individuals and organisations to store a lot of tomes in a relatively small space and people can access each of the items without difficulty. It is therefore no wonder that libraries across the UK and elsewhere make use of shelving storage.

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