Choosing an Office Location

Location is extremely important for any business. From the amount of money London office space might cost you right through to how easy it is for people to visit your premises, making the right choice could have a great deal of impact on how successful you are and how viable your company actually is.

For those who don’t need to be in the middle of a city, it may well be wise to look for offices on the outskirts. Not only will this lower the overheads for your business, but it will also make it a great deal easier for both staff and visitors to get to your building.

It is not just practicality and price that you need to take into account though, and image is also something that you may want to bear in mind when you are looking to rent office space London. Whilst you may not actually need to be in the centre of the city for practical reasons, having the right address could make a great deal of difference in terms of how seriously people take you. Whilst the criteria of this is likely to change from business to business, certain businesses will very much need to give out a certain image, and it is wise to consider how important such an image is to you.

Finally, it is worth considering whether you really need a whole office building that is uniquely yours or whether you might benefit a great deal from sharing office space. By using a serviced office building you could easily get state of the art offices in great locations, but pay far less, since furniture won’t have to be bought and since overheads such as internet, kitchen facilities and even secretaries can be shared between numerous businesses and not just paid for out of your own pocket.