Keeping Your Toolbox Concise

Organising your toolbox can help you not only keep your tools clean and in good condition, but it can also simply make any job far easier to complete.

The first thing to do when you want to have a tidy and concise tool kit is to sort out which tools you actually need. Everything from measuring tools to hand tools will have a shelf life and not only will older tools be far less effective than newer ones but even the likes of measuring tools are likely to have more modern equivalents that can allow you to achieve far more whilst taking up less room.

Once you have isolated the tools you no longer need or the tools that need replacing (if any tools show wear or damage be sure to replace or repair them as soon as possible – this will both aid the jobs you undertake and improve your safety), it is wise to look online for which items you do need. Not only may you find that there are power tool that will be far more useful than the hand tools you have but you may also find more specific tools for the exact types of job you wish to carry out.

Once you have all the hand and power tools you need, ensuring you have all the basics and any items specific to unique jobs you may need to undertake, the next step is to ensure you have two separate boxes, one for smaller tools and one for larger tools. This way you will find it easy to store smaller tools in your house or carry them easily for smaller jobs without having to take a heavy kit with you wherever you go.

The order inside the kit should ensure that the most common tools you use are placed at the top. Also, try to use socket sets and screwdriver sets so that you can simply carry one piece of hardware with numerous bits instead of many different screwdrivers and many different ratchets.

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