Flanges and Safety

Finding the right pipe flanges is about a great deal more than just getting something at a decent price. Should you choose the wrong flanges, there is a chance that not only will they be fairly ineffectual at doing the job and be extremely hard to fit, but the wrong choice could also simply end up being dangerous.

So how do you choose the right fittings for the right pipe? Ultimately, you need to consider the material that it is made from and indeed exactly what type of connection it will form. Whilst you may have had experience purchasing flanges in the past, different pipes will need different connections, and therefore each will need to be looked at totally by its own individual merits.

It is also important to know the exact safety regulations for your own business too. For instances, certain fittings are likely to protrude far more than others and if these fittings move out into what is designated as safety space, then there is a chance that they could not only be very dangerous, but also simply see you being issued with fines.

Of course, you may well be able to get an expert in to do the hard work for you – however, if those fitting your pipes use the wrong pipe flanges, it will be you that is at risk physically and financially, not them. Therefore, it may well be worth talking to a company who manufacture such fittings to discuss you own unique needs. In turn, you will be sure that the solution you have chosen is the best for you all round, ensuring you have the highest levels of safety without having to spend more than you need to. In turn, you may also find you can have custom parts fabricated to make sure they are perfect for you.

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