Unblocking Drains

It is possible to unblock drains yourself should you need to. However, whilst smaller jobs are likely to be easy enough with the right knowledge and the right tools, more serious jobs are going to need the professional drain services London companies can offer.

For those with blocked drains South London, it is always wise to try a few simple tests before you go out and look at calling specialised practitioners out to deal with the blockage. First, try simply rinsing the drains out by running a continuous stream of hot water down them and adding in some bleach regularly. Once you have done that, use a plunger or even a special ‘snake’ down the drain. Both of these should help remove any simple blockages such as hair and the like that may have been causing a problem.

It is also wise to know who to call. A plumber will be able to sort simple blockages, although most of these are likely to be able to be sorted by anyone who has any DIY knowledge or access to the internet. However, anything that involves major blockages or drains that are blocked much further along the pipes are likely to need the tools and expertise of specialists. The specialist drain services London companies offer will be needed for anything that requires access to outside drains or even simply for those with much more major blockages. Such companies will even have the ability to use CCTV cameras to diagnose more complicated problems, saving time and money and allowing the right approach to be taken from the start.

Businesses with blocked drains South London can see many problems arise, from damage through to unsanitary conditions and bad smells. Knowing how to unblock drains or who to call can be very important if you want to avoid major problems arising.

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