Plastic surgery gives woman new lease of life

A woman has made use of cosmetic surgery to help her gain a new lease of life. According to a report in the Daily Mail, 47-year-old Pamela Mason underwent an unusual procedure to end her lifetime of migraines.

Since the age of 14, she has suffered from debilitating headaches that could cause her to be out of action for days at a time. These bouts of pain were frequent for more than three decades.

However, she has now utilised plastic surgery techniques to end her medical complaint. Ms Mason had an operation to remove the facial muscle called the corrugator that allows people to frown. The muscle is small and narrow and has a pyramidal shape. It is located at the inner-eye end of the eyebrow.

Commenting on the outcome of her cosmetic surgery, she said: “It is wonderful. I have my life back again. I suffered for so long and I always thought that was just how life was going to be. I would spend days on end in bed, unable to move or do anything.”

She added: “I had to do it and I am so glad I did. I can’t frown now but since I got rid of my migraines I have got nothing to frown about.”

The mother of two went on to point out that while many people say life for them began at 40, for her this milestone happened at 47. Meanwhile, her husband, Nick, remarked: “This has changed both of our lives so much. I have been waiting years to see my wife happy and healthy again.”

These days there are many different forms of plastic surgery for people to take advantage of and the treatments continue to become more varied and sophisticated in nature. Indeed, this is a particularly exciting area of medical science and there is considerable demand for services of this kind.

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