A wide and impressive range to choose from

When you wish to buy plastic washers and nuts, finding a reliable supplier who is able to provide you with what is needed can be very difficult. After all, you might require plastic nuts and washers which are of various sizes. Courtesy of our extensive experience of having assisted multiple customers and businesses, we have been the first choice of many and rightfully so.

The plastic washers which we stock are made out of nylon 6.6 and nylon 6. These washers are either DIN 125 or are made to whatever specifications you want. The plastic washers which are made when an order is placed can be general plastic washers and spacers. We offer our plastic washers so that they have a variety of purposes such as captive washers as well as load spreading plastic washers. They are available in several thicknesses too such as our standard plastic washers being measured courtesy of the inner diameter in millimetres. The plastic washer which then accompanies it is purchasable in different dimensions because we understand that not every customer wants the same washer as each other.

Our range of plastic nuts is just as impressive. We offer a comprehensive list of plastic nuts such as dome sided plastic nuts, six sided plastic nuts, a hexagonal thin nut as well as those which are washer faced winged plastic nuts. Although these are standard made plastic nuts, if customers have any specifications for their own order we are able to provide them with whatever they require.

As orders can be made via fax, telephone and email there is no other better supplier to choose from than us. We guarantee that the plastic washers and nuts which we make available are designed to last with them not needing to be replaced for a very long time.

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