Time To Opt For Compatible Printer Inks

Ensuring that printer ink is of a high enough standard is a prime concern of the compatible ink cartridge industry. For too long printer companies have forced consumers to use their own branded printer inks that are priced astronomically high. Literally two investments in printer ink could match the price of your printer. And this is true across the industry because of the way in which printers are made and sold.

Printers are manufactured simply to break even. This ultimately ensures that the price of a printer is about as good as it is ever going to get. But the same cannot be said of printer ink. A HP inkjet, for instance, can be a relatively inexpensive printer, yet over a couple of years of moderate use could see you pay for your printer twice over simply in ink. It is so expensive because printer companies make their money through the selling of ink. Ultimately, if you have bought a Brother inkjet, then Brother can dictate what price you pay for the ink. This is called a razor and blades business model and it is damaging to consumer choice.

There was one instance where HP inks actually cost seven times more per millilitre than 1985 Dom Perignon. Ink is not that expensive. There is no shortage of ink. Of course, quality printers demand quality inks, but nobody when faced with the idea of paying considerably more than one of the best, vintage champagnes would willingly accept it. At this point the consumer must turn to a compatible ink cartridge manufacturer. The bad news for the printer companies is that the compatible ink market is growing and becoming more and more trustworthy all of the time and the best thing about it is that it is driven by consumer choice and the desire to not waste products like ink cartridges which can be refilled.

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