Web marketing: a task that becomes ever harder?

There are several factors meaning that online marketing as a discipline is getting harder all the time. However, this does not mean a consultancy will necessarily find website marketing more and more difficult. This is because there are some other critical considerations to bear in mind. The first thing to do is to explore how the bar is being raised. The second analytical task is to show how this is not necessarily an obstacle to the success of a competent ethical consultancy.

At Click Consult we are online marketing experts. We never promise quick or easy results. We recognize that the subject we specialise in is not getting any easier over time. The complexity of the average campaign is much greater than it used to be for a diversity of reasons. Nevertheless, by focusing on the long-term, by pooling our collective know-how and by being responsive to change we have risen to the challenge much more effectively than some of our competitors.

When it comes to website marketing, there are few things as sure as change. The search engines are always altering the nature of the game. In addition, the social media networking sites are in perpetual motion. Furthermore, each site is engaged in competition with other sites. This all means that the specificities of change necessitate careful study. An example may serve to illustrate this point.

Last year, Google declared war on thin content. Successive algorithm changes made it harder and harder for inadequate content to escape the net. This meant that consultancies who were not delivering rich and original content were obliged to raise their game. Some of these consultancies were left behind, while succeeded in changing poor content habits but failed to be aware of emergent social media opportunities. Similarly, the content featured on some sites improved. However, there was a problem for them when it came to ensuring that the site was able to exploit targeted traffic efficiently.

A long-term focus can avoid many problems. No site should have been employing thin content at the start of 2011. Users have always appreciated unique, informative and entertaining content, while the search engines have recommended such stuff for a long time. Teamwork should have ensured that changes in the social landscape were identified and acted on. Anticipating change should have meant that consultancies were also looking at the emergence of personalised search and fresh mobile search opportunities, as well as keeping up with site maintenance.

It takes a little time for a consultancy to acquire the practical ability to maximize its adaptability. Experience and expertise are related. Learning by doing is still a very important component in online marketing success. Being conscious of where all the relevant forums are makes a great deal of commercial sense. When change is occurring at a swift rate, interaction with other consultants can be very rewarding.

There is no single answer to the problems caused by constant change. However, it is crucial to concentrate on the fact that every change brings a blend of challenges and opportunities. The consultancies with the most skill and dedication will not go off the rails.

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