Can motoring solicitors make a difference to your situation?

In the UK many thousands of drivers have their licenses taken away from them due to motoring offences. The range of traffic offences can include drink driving, speeding, careless driving or driving without insurance – to name but a few. Many people are unaware of these shocking figures and even more will be interested to hear that this figure could be significantly lower if drivers sought professional legal advice from specialist motoring solicitors.
Drivers guilty of motoring offences and those who have been accused of driving offences but believe themselves to be innocent should always take advantage of the skill and expertise of a highly trained motoring lawyer. Just how can motoring solicitors help?
Specialist motoring solicitors have extensive knowledge of the legal system relating to the 1988 Road Traffic Act. They look at each individual case and develop the most appropriate course of action. In some serious cases, it may be that pleading guilty and admitting to the traffic offence is the best approach. However there are many cases where a hefty penalty can be avoided with the help of a motoring lawyer. This can make the difference between receiving a driving ban and suffering the consequences of not being able to drive such as loss of job, and walking away with a more lenient penalty or being found not guilty.
In these circumstances, a motoring lawyer will look at the driving offences and determine whether the allegations can be defended. The lawyer can help collect the evidence needed and support the driver in court.
For those pleading guilty, the Court has many guidelines when it comes to delivering a penalty. A speeding penalty can be anything from 3 to 6 points or in more serious cases a ban lasting anything from 7 to 56 days. A professional motoring lawyer can help you achieve a more lenient outcome. At Cunninghams Solicitors we can help with all traffic offences and all circumstances.

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