Flexible working trends may up demand for garden offices

A rising number of people in the UK and many other countries around the world are being offered the chance to work from home. In some cases, this enables personnel to operate more efficiently and to achieve a better work-life balance. Meanwhile, in order to get the most from their experiences, such people sometimes opt to make use of garden office buildings.

And if the recent comments of one individual are accurate, demand for garden rooms of this kind may continue to rise over coming months and years.

Development director at the Telework Association Shirley Borrett suggested that for some time the issue of flexible working has been seen as an ’employee right’ and a burden for firms, but this is changing. She pointed out that there are thought to be more than two million individuals in the UK alone who operate on a flexible basis.

She added: “Despite the fact that over the last decade flexible and home-based working has been confused with things like maternity benefits … all of the evidence suggests that employers gain enormously from having a flexible, home-based workforce.”

The expert added that people are starting to think more about the relationship between the environment, business and society. Ms Borrett also pointed out that the government has been stepping into the debate.

She remarked: “Norman Baker, the transport minister, has been talking quite openly about flexible and home-based working and the advantages to travel. The Olympics next year are really focusing people’s minds on how thousands of extra people will get to work – the answer, of course, is ‘don’t travel’.”

The good news for those who are eager to work from home is that it is now easier than ever before to buy fantastic garden buildings that can help them complete their tasks in as practical and pleasant an environment as possible.

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