South Beach Electronic Smokes – Are They Truly worth Buying?

Electronic cigarettes are still a relatively new concept among smokers today. Though they are around a while and are beginning to gain recognition, some still speculate whether they are really a better alternative. However, when considering the basic differences between electronic cigarettes and tradional cigarettes, it’s hard to trust that they couldn’t be better. Just the very reality the electronic ones don’t contain the 200+ hazardous carcinogens is reason enough for me to switch to the electronic cigarettes.

With that said, let’s examine South Beach Smoke Smokes, a popular resource together with electronic cigarette brand. My first impression is superior. They have a really organized, resourceful, professional web site, one of the better that i have seen and I have looked at many.

Some initial benefits I see right in the bat is that they give quite of few benefits for purchasing e cigarettes from them instead of going elsewhere. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime warranties, $100 gas card (never seen that before) in addition to a referral program if people refer other smokers you know.

Doing some more comprehensive research, their products don’t seem to much different than additional electronic cigarette brands. They don’t have lots of accesories or flavors, just the average amount. They also have some sort of automatic shippment program that’s thankful not mandatory nevertheless could be beneficial if you need to ensure you don’t be used up of refills and have to go the store and buy regular cigarettes again. The program is free and possesses additional discounts if you want it.

I took some time to read reviews on what others thought after trying South Beach Smoke a pipe (not the ones on the website) and overall the general concensious was good. A few negative ones sprinkled in occasionally which is very common. I have only seen one or two companies that have most positive comments (See our Top 8 Best Electronic Cigarette Companies). Practically nothing however, stood out as a reason to not buy from them and thankful the cash back guarantee ensures little risk.

South Beach Smoke is a superb company with quality and offers a few extra benefits to individuals who are ready to buy electronic cigarettes. So if you are going to buy e cigs nevertheless, I would say go for it. It never hurts though to try several companies initial, since that electronic cigarettes can differ in taste, feel, together with nicotine satisfaction. With that said South Beach Smoke should defintily be one that you try.

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