A Happy Pet

Keeping your pet happy involves many different things. First off, you need to ensure that you have the right environment for them in your home. Should your house be too cramped for the animal you have, or even be too hot or too cold, then they are likely to be a great deal less comfortable and in turn happy than they should be. Having the right toys, beds and layout of space for them will also be very important.

Next, you need to ensure that you have the time to give them the attention they need. Ultimately, cats and pups are no different from us – they need love, affection and companionship to feel as happy as possible. Ensure you have time to take your dog for a walk as often as they need and be sure that both kitties and pups get your full attention for at least 15 minutes, three times, a day for some quality affection or play time.

Kitty or puppy nutrition is also going to be very important. Just as humans are likely to feel despondent, unhealthy and unhappy if we eat the wrong foods or the wrong amounts of food, your animals are also going to need to ensure that they have the access to the right food at the right times and that they are offered just the right amount to keep them content and healthy without them being overfed and potentially becoming obese in the process.

Ultimately, ensuring you have a happy cat or puppy is about making sure that you take the time to give them the room, the love and the food that they need. The time and cost of doing so will more than be paid back to you as, the happier your cat or dog is, the happier they are likely to make you too – and the less you will end up paying in vet bills as well.

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