Cycle Claim – Vehicle Collision Compensation

In 2007 alone,there were 16,000 cyclists who were involved in accidents with vehicles in the UK and this figure has only risen since. Sadly, these figures are not surprising and it has long been a sad fact for cyclists that many motorists will pay little or no attention to their well-being, resulting in nasty injuries and even death. This should not be the case and anyone who has been injured by a vehicle while cycling should seriously think about filing a cycle claim against those who have caused them injury.

Car Collisions

Collisions with cars are the most common type of vehicle collision – probably because there are more cars on the road than any other vehicle. Luckily, cyclists are less likely to suffer a fatality if they collide with a car than say a van or lorry but it is still worrying just how many cars knock over cyclists. This means that cyclists should do as much as they can to ensure they are safe. Helmets are a must, as are reflective garments, which are vital in low visibility conditions.

If however, a collision with a car does occur, the cyclist should file a cycle claim against the insurer of the offending motorist. In order to do so, the cyclist will need to ensure that they take down any important information such as license plates and insurance details where possible. It is also a good idea to take witness information as this will help with evidence for the cycle claim.

Bus Collisions

When it comes to filing a cycle claim, you will find that the process is different if you have been involved in a collision with a bus. This is because bus drivers are not private motorists and you will not be filing a cycle claim against them, rather you will be filing a claim against the company they work for, so you should try to get as much information as possible and, ideally, you should consult a bicycle lawyer who can help you with the whole process of filing a cycle claim against the right people, to ensure your success. can help you with your bicycle accident claim. If you believe you may have a legitimate cycle claim visit their website today.