Online gambling to be popular during Olympics

The UK is currently gearing up for the Olympics, which are due to start on July 27th and conclude on August 12th. And it is not only athletes who are getting ready. Many sporting fans are also preparing for the events and some of them are likely to place bets. These days, there are many ways in which individuals can engage in wagers. For example, they can head online to the Sky Bet and make use of Sky Bet free bet codes.

Indeed, it has been suggested that the betting industry is likely to receive a boost as a result of the sporting extravaganza. According to experts at Sheffield Hallam University’s Sports Industry Research Centre (SIRC), there could be a five per cent increase in trade in the sector over the next three years, in part caused by London 2012, the Independent reports.

Of course, it is not only Sky Bet and other such firms that are likely to attract more customers as a result of the events connected to the Olympics. The SIRC noted that there will be a rise in the number of items of sports clothing sold, enhanced interest in boating activities and a slight increase in sports participation at a local level.

The research centre dubbed the phenomenon the Olympics ‘effect’.

Meanwhile, in reference to online gambling, the Independent noted that such activity takes “a lot of hassle” out of going down to the local bookmakers. It also pointed out that the industry has doubled in size between 1985 and 2008.

Individuals who are eager to make the most of the sporting activities over the summer by placing a few wagers, but who are not keen to spend too much money, may benefit from taking advantage of Sky Bet free bet codes and other such provisions.

These days, there are many offers of this kind available in cyberspace.

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