Cloud Hosting And The Technology Investment

It is true to say that no one company can provide everything that cloud hosting can potentially require if they are to offer a truly high-capacity, world class service where response time and functionality cease to become issues. This is why the best cloud hosting companies will typically seek to partner with other companies that service particular areas of cloud computing. This may well be specific hardware components that offer significant advantages over the opposition such as the cloud server itself, or it could be the software platform that allows scalability.

VMware is a virtualisation specialist offering proven solutions that bring about a reliable infrastructure to the cloud server that you can rely on. Any company who chooses to run this software is making a wise choice since its quality is beyond doubt. VMware currently serves more than 300,000 customers and 25,000 partners. HP are also a great choice for the type of server to invest in. HP too have a proven track record of providing quality servers that don’t buckle under heavy loads. Similarly Cisco Firewalls can provide excellent protection for maximum security. The company that brings all of this together is Hyve, who are at the forefront of cloud technology. Being able to source the most experienced hand in the industry is of massive benefit and their hand-picked systems and software complement each other well.

One of the best reasons to plump for cloud hosting is the potential to save significant amounts of money over time. This type of computing allows companies to only pay for the resources they use, while being able to rely on the hosting company to provide all updates and repairs. Having them take care of this can dramatically increase your up-time, meaning that your business is never going to be unworkable or inaccessible.

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