The Best Time to See Egypt

Egypt is only a short plane journey away from us and yet the climate there could not be more different. Unlike the Canary Islands which lie much further south but remain temperate all year round due to their position in the Atlantic, Egypt will get extremely humid in the summer months. As such, our winter is a much more pleasant time to visit the country.

Not only are you likely to find the weather more satisfying between October and April, but you are also likely to have many more options of how to see Egypt. Nile cruises are much more likely to be running during the winter months and as such you won’t have to be confined to the Red Sea or be left to see Egypt in a very hot and stuffy bus.

Nile Cruises offer the best way to see Egypt, no matter what the weather, giving you the perfect views of the country as you travel as opposed to leaving you sweating on a bus with only sand for a view.

Visiting the coast may be bearable in the summer (just!) but if you want to have a more interesting holiday and see the many historical and breathtaking sights the country has to offer then winter will be by far the best choice. Inland, temperatures will be well over 40 Celsius in the summer and visiting tombs in such heat, combined with the humidity, will not be pleasurable at all. However, if you go to the coast and you don’t mind the hot weather, you may well get better prices and avoid masses of tourists if you choose the summer.

No matter when you choose to go, the best way to see as much of Egypt as possible is with river Nile cruises. River Nile Cruises offer you the ability to see much more of Egypt and to enjoy a gentle breeze as you travel as opposed to the heat of a coach.

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