When powerboat training is needed, you’ve come to the right place

If you are considering about purchasing a powerboat but you have not driven one before, asking for assistance in regards to this is therefore very important. Courtesy of our substantial experience of having helped a countless number of individuals to receive the powerboat training which they asked for, there is no need to keep searching when you require support with this.

All of our powerboat courses are held in our custom-built sea schools in Lymington and also Ocean Village Southampton. All of the boats which our powerboat courses take place on are owned by us. This is unlike other training centres because there is a tendency for them to not own the boats which their students use. Thanks to this, there are no stipulations by a third party owner which allows us to run powerboat courses at the convenience of our students. In all, we are proud to offer a wide range of powerboat courses which are adapted according to what our students require.

For younger pupils, it is advised for them to start with the powerboat level 1 course as this will give them all of the basic skills that are required in order to operate their powerboat. When adults want to learn about how to use a powerboat, it is advised that they start directly with the RYA powerboat level 2 course. As their skills start to develop and their confidence grows, they can attend intermediate and advanced powerboat courses which will see pupils developing their driving further. As we are on the doorstep of the Solent, this majestic waterway offers our pupils the perfect opportunity to take their powerboat training in a wonderful setting.

With much to recommend us, why select anybody else when you require powerboat courses that will teach you all of the relevant information? We look forward to hearing from you.

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