Can You Make a Cycle Claim?

If you have had an accident on your bike you may be able to make a cycle claim. Even if you were not seriously injured you may still have a claim. If your bike was damaged you may be able to claim for just that.

If another vehicle or road user was involved you can make a claim from their insurance company. However, even if another vehicle was not involved you may still be able to make a claim.

For example if you hit a pothole you should be able to claim off of the authority that is responsible for the maintenance of that road. In many cases this is the local council, but in some cases that is the Highways Agency.

Whoever you need to make your cycle claim from it will not be easy. The more evidence you put together the better chance you will have of making a successful claim.

Putting Together the Evidence You Need to Make a Cycle Claim

If you have not been seriously injured gather as much information as you can at the time of the accident. Do the same as you would if you were involved in a car accident. Take the details of the other party who was involved and those of as many witnesses as you can. Photograph the scene. If you hit a pothole photograph it close up and from further away including a building in your 2nd photo to give context.

Get at least 2 quotes for the repair of your bicycle. If you were injured make a note of who treated you, list your injuries and keep receipts for prescriptions and dressings. In the event that your injuries are serious you may need physiotherapy, so keep these bills too. If you end up with a permanent injury keeping track of who you see and your treatments is even more important.

In most cases getting help from a bicycle lawyer is the best way of ensuring that your cycle claim will be successful. Insurance companies rarely pay out without a fight, so getting help from an experienced bicycle lawyer is essential.

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