Spread Out Your Bathroom

Okay, so it might not be practical to knock down walls and have a bathroom that spans most of your top floor. However, this doesn’t mean that bathrooms have to be confined to one room.

Not only will having certain items that are usually found in the bathroom take up residence in other rooms allow you to create far more space and in turn make any bathrooms far more attractive, but allowing everything from showers to Jacuzzis to be elsewhere, you are also likely to simply add a great deal to your other rooms too.

Having separate showers and baths can take up a huge amount of space, but the best baths will rarely have showers combined. However, imagine stepping out of bed straight in to the shower – with ultra modern shower cubicles, you could easily have a shower in your bedroom that not only gives you a great deal more potential for luxury but also actually increases how good your bedroom looks.

The likes of Jacuzzis can look great almost anywhere from bedrooms to garages, or even outside, on some decking. Even on the coldest of nights, a trip outside to a Jacuzzi will be appealing and the contrast of the cold and warmth often makes a Jacuzzi even more enjoyable.

There are all manner of other items that can be placed elsewhere too, from guest baths in guest bedrooms to washbasins in almost any room you may wish to place them in.

Finding the right bathroom suites might therefore be all about finding bathroom suites that make your bathroom look as attractive as possible and then looking elsewhere to place any extraneous extras you might want. You may well be surprised at how luxurious your house can become. Just don’t start getting carried away and putting toilets by the dinner table.

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