Expert Debt Collection Solicitors

Business debt collection is something the majority of businesses experience at some point or another. When a client or customer fails to pay, debt collection solicitors are hired to handle the debt recovery and ensure their client receives their unpaid funds. Hiring debt collection solicitors can be an overwhelming experience, The Thomas Higgins Partnership make it straight-forward and hassle free. Unlike most debt collection solicitors, The Thomas Higgins Partnership conduct their debt recovery online with clients, through email, fax or through their online automated systems. Communicating with clients online has many advantages and sets them apart from other debt collection solicitors. One of the advantages of communicating online as opposed to in person, is the time saved in travel and arranging meetings. The time saved by not having to meet in person with clients, mean The Thomas Higgins Partnership ensure your case is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The Thomas Higgins Partnership are a well established firm with an experienced staff of qualified solicitors, specialising in business to business debt recovery. The debt recovery process can be daunting, but The Thomas Higgins Partnership guide you every step of the way, offering advice and guidance along the way. There are three stages to debt recovery, the first is a ‘Letter Before Action’ which is a basic form, containing information regarding the debtor, their name, address and how much money is owed. If the initial ‘Letter Before Action’ stage is unsuccessful then the next step is the ‘Court Before Action’, the final stage if the debt is still not resolved is ‘Judgment and Execution’. If the debt remains unresolved at the final stage, then a County Court Judgment will be processed and if your debt is under £600 then the County Court Bailiff will be contacted, if the amount owed is over £600 then the judgment is transferred to the High Court Enforcement Officer.

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