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The right way to care for kittens

So the kids are ready for pets, but which animal to get them? There are a number of great choices. Smaller children might be best off with fish or a rabbit perhaps. Older more responsible kids will be ready for something a bit more exciting and for many families that means a kitten.

They are such great animals. They are cute and playful, but also independent. When the grown ups go off to work and the children go to school cats don’t get lonely. They can look after themselves and can go in and out through their flap in the door. Going on holiday isn’t such a problem like with their canine cousins. A neighbour can just look in on them and feed them each day.

However, it’s still a big responsibility having an animal like this. They might be independent spirits but they still need care, love and looking after. When these animals are really tiny new owners must give adequate thought to kitten care. Their nutritional needs will be different to those of an adult cat. They will need a bit of help adjusting to their new home and being apart from their mother for the first time. Responsible owners make the transition as easy as possible and make sure all of their needs are catered for.

When they are this tiny they are so adorable and playful. As they grow up they become loving and loyal companions. No wonder people get so attached to them. A good owner seeks out a good pet store and for many people in Finland that store is Hill’s Pet. They stock everything for a feline friend from a great selection of foods through to beds and collars. New owners can find everything they need to care for their new addition all under one roof or buy direct from their website.

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