Worthwhile spending more on oil tank locks

As the price of oil continues to rise, so too does the incentive for stealing it. Indeed, police in Lincolnshire have warned people to take special measures to enhance the security of their heating oil supplies.

According to a report in Spalding Today, criminals have been targeting farms, transport depots and homes in a bid to steal such resources. In some cases they do so to help them heat their own properties, while in others the substance is taken so that it can be sold on at considerable profit.

In order to reduce the likelihood that they become the victims of such thefts, individuals have been advised to invest in good quality locks. Thankfully, these days it is easy to source superb padlocks and other such provisions. Many people opt to do so online.

Commenting on the subject, a police spokesman said: “A good thief will come equipped with a limited range of tools to attack your tank so it’s worth spending a little more on good quality locks. Close shackle padlocks are the best as they offer the most resistance to the most popular of burglar tools – the bolt cropper.

“Close shackle padlocks have very little of the metal hoop exposed and bolt croppers cannot get a good grip.”

Of course, there are also other measures that people should consider, including the use of metal tank guards, CCTV, security lights and remote gauges that sound when the level of oil in tanks drops suddenly. Also, situating tanks so they are in full view of windows is better than hiding them away behind garages and so on.

Furthermore, police noted that switches used to control the flow of oil should be turned off and the electricity supply isolated when tanks are not in use.

During the winter, the security of oil tanks may be particularly at risk because demand for the commodity is at its highest. Also, thieves typically like to operate under the cover of darkness, so the long nights are helpful to them.

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