The Importance of Anti-Bacterial Agents within the Kitchen

Food preparation is an integral aspect within any kitchen interior as it is considered the prime area across all residential properties, and commercial buildings that specialise in food service, in which meals are prepared on a daily basis. This is done so to ensure individuals, whether it is single tenants or a family of variable numbers, enjoy the standard meals that are traditionally prepared and served throughout three stages of the day – breakfast, lunch and tea. Although the type of food served or prepared is entirely dependable upon personal preference and the lifestyle in which individuals choose to lead, it is still of vital importance to ensure all items of food are stored and prepared properly to prevent illness that can be detrimental to overall health.

Working with ingredients which are raw, such as poultry and fish, are the main source of danger as individuals can pick up serious illnesses such as salmonella poisoning and ecoli if food is not prepared or cooked properly. Although the common rule with preparing with such foods is to wash hands, utensils and surfaces where any ingredient has been in contact with, on a regular basis, human error can lead to a build-up of bacteria that can be fatal to personal health. Traditional worktops installed across a kitchen unit are made from plastic, marble or linoleum that, although provide their own respective aesthetic qualities and consistency, are not durable from potential bacterial stains and residue. While the modern alternative of timber, such as oak worktops and iroko worktops, cannot prevent bacteria from remaining on the surface, wood fibres contain anti-bacterial agents that are essential towards the prevention of build-up during and after food preparation.

While it remains essential to be equipped with antibacterial sprays for worktop surfaces to be used on a regular basis and after a meal using raw ingredients is prepared, iroko worktops provide a significance defence against the threat of bacteria via agents within the timber that eradicate any form of build-up. As establishing and maintaining a hygienic atmosphere and work area is essential within the kitchen, installing oak worktops can be the perfect solution for both interior design incentives via the aesthetic quality of timber, and prevention of harmful chemicals to prepare meals throughout the day.

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