Cat Diet And Health

Switching cat food is never an easy task and the utmost care should be taken when introducing a new brand or entirely different type of food. It helps to start off by feeding your cat at meaningful intervals so as to minimise the amount of begging or requests for treats. Once a routine is established it can be much easier to control how and when you feed your moggy and ultimately, that can make it much easier to switch the type of foods with the minimum of fuss. Cats can pick up on the differences between different brands of food if it is not done subtly enough so it is important to gradually introduce new foods over a 7 day period by mixing it in with the current brand. It is not a good idea to instantly switch over as this will most likely cause suspicion and result in your feline rejecting the new type of food altogether.

In order to maintain a good diet it is always important to weigh your cat. Having a good knowledge of what is a good weight will include information like breed and age. There is a great deal of information online, or you could alternatively ask your vet or pet shop. If your cat’s weight does not seem correct then it might simply be because of a lack of exercise or being overly generous with treats, but if it doesn’t correct itself with an alteration to routine, then a trip to the vet may be necessary. As with all pets, it is important to make sure that your cat always has access to a plentiful supply of fresh water since without enough it damage can be caused which will require further treatment. A cat will usually only drink what is necessary to quench their thirst, but the same cannot be said of food.