Scientifically Proven Puppy Food

Many people decide that they want to buy a puppy in the hope that they will grow with them into a fit and healthy dog. What they don’t realise is the amount of knowledge required to keep a dog truly healthy, and just as increased information about human foods has benefited us, dog nutrition has also come a long way. There are many dog foods that are now clinically proven to be more beneficial than what was on offer in the past. The truth is that a dog’s diet can be as varied as a human diet and different types of food are required at different stages in their life. For instance, puppy food should be specially formulated to provide everything that a young growing dog needs which includes omega-3 and a good balance of other minerals that can support a developing skeleton. Antioxidants can help to improve the dog’s immune system and well-being. This doesn’t mean that the food has to necessarily be less tasty or less appetising for a dog, it doesn’t. All of this can be combined in fantastically formulated foods that will have your dog wanting more.

Pet shop owners are now starting to realise the benefits of stocking foods that are scientifically proven to provide for all of the nutritional needs that certain dogs have. For instance, older dogs require a completely different diet to those that are younger. This again changes for dogs that have a specific medical complaint. Finding out which food your dog should be on is not too hard, however. A good pet food store will stock many different brands and types that will explain what they are specially formulated for. For instance, a prescription diet can actively help your dog cope better with urinary tract disease or a kidney problem.