Consumer confidence rises

Consumers have not had an easy time over recent years. The aftermath of the credit crunch can very much still be felt and many people are struggling to access the finances they need. Thankfully, it is now possible for some such individuals to turn to no credit loans such as guarantor loans in order fund certain purchases or expenses.

Meanwhile, there are signs that things may be picking up for people living in the UK. Research published by GfK NOP suggested that consumer confidence has risen slightly. In its UK Consumer Confidence Measures for last month, it noted a four point increase. In January, the overall index score went up to -29, taking it back to the same level it was at during the first month of 2011.

Responding to the findings, managing director of GfK NOP Social Research Nick Moon remarked: “The Index is sometimes subject to non-economic influences, and the uplift may simply reflect a hangover from the Christmas feel good factor. If this is true, we should be on the look-out over the next few months for a possible bounce from the Olympics as well.”

Early in the year, many people may be eager to take advantage of no credit loans like guarantor loans in order to fund important changes to their lives. For example, they may be eager to make improvements to their homes, fund weddings, pay for educational development and so on. Such changes can buoy consumers.

However, Mr Moon pointed out that it is too early to be overly optimistic at present. He stated: “Consumer confidence is still seriously depressed and we should treat [last] month’s modest improvement with caution.”

If this month also reveals a rise, then the signs will be that gloom is dispelling. Until this point, January’s statistics should be seen as good, “but certainly not great”, he claimed.