Advice on how to choose the best storage lockers for your organisations needs

Storage lockers have long been a common sight in all manner of public places, from schools and retailers to swimming pools and even industrial sites. They are usually intended to serve as short or long term means of storage for clothing or other items belonging to the individuals that make use of such spaces. If you run an organisation that needs to invest in such lockers, then, there are certain priorities that you are likely to want to bear in mind to ensure that you buy the right locker type for your needs.

Of course, the size and shape of the lockers is one key factor to consider, and a good company that specialises in the sale of lockers should have a decent range of sizes and shapes to choose from, including, on the more modest end of the scale, cube lockers. These can be a great choice if space is at a premium or if the items to be stored are small, or even if there are awkward spaces to fill. Alternatively, it may be likely that rucksacks or coats need to be stored in your chosen storage lockers, which is why you may opt for the many tall, metal lockers on the market that are designed for changing rooms.

Speaking of metal lockers, your choice of locker material will also certainly need to be considered, with some public swimming pools frequently opting for plastic or laminate lockers to avoid rust arising as a result of long term moisture accumulation. There are also various types of locks to choose from, such as cam locks and coin-operated locks, the latter another staple of swimming pool lockers.

Bear in mind that the best locker specialist is likely to have an extensive range of lockers pertaining to every possible need – from standard staff lockers to mesh lockers and cupboards – which should certainly make your decision easier!