Securing SERPs success with quality website content writing

From Land’s End to John ‘O’ Groats, businesses are often desperate to get their websites working harder for them. Many have invested considerable amounts of money and time in to the design and development of their websites, yet are continuously frustrated by poor performances in the search engine results pages, which are commonly referred to as SERPs. Plenty of savvy business owners and their marketing people have varying degrees of knowledge and experience about certain aspects of search engine optimisation, yet many have neither the time nor the in depth expertise to add SEO activity to their ‘to-do’ lists. In order to take positive action and achieve increased website exposure via better search engine rankings, businesses of all sizes enlist professional SEO copywriting services that know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Website content writing is something of an art form in its own right and SEO copywriting services have a different modus operandi at heart than writers producing work for print. Their work needs to satisfy human readers, just like printed copy does. Yet it also needs to satisfy search engine spiders that respond to good on page keyword optimisation and regular flows of new content. Numerous businesses struggle to satisfy search engine spiders, as they lack the sector specific skills of professional SEO copywriting services. Therefore, they find themselves in Catch 22 situations, as lack of search engine spider satisfaction results in little human reader satisfaction if websites fail to attract human readers per se.

In response to these dilemmas, SEO services often offer to write pre-agreed amounts of monthly blogs for businesses, and publish them on the websites of businesses. SEO copywriting services incorporate the keywords and continuously fresh content needed to pique the interest of the search engine spiders. As far as the all-important human browsers are concerned, professionally written blogs help businesses to enhance their reputations online. Blogs do this by featuring information, on a regular monthly basis, about interesting company news, products and services that businesses want to draw particular attention to, events and offers.

Whilst attracting browsers to websites and drawing their attention to vital information, blogs are also ideal anchor text tools for the creation of internal links. What this means in simplistic terms is that certain keywords in blogs present browsers with the opportunity to click through to other relevant website pages. When browsers do this, they are automatically redirected pages containing more in depth information about the topics blogs touch upon. Key snippets from blogs can also be highlighted on the homepages of websites, enticing browsers to click through for the latest information.

We, at, offer varying levels of content writing services to suit most budgets and requirements. Our tailor made packages include SEO copywriting services and publishing of blogs to our clients’ websites. Our copywriters have vast experience of writing for website optimisation and we are always keen to ensure that our blogs are written conversationally and engagingly, whilst containing correct factual information.