The iPad is shaking up traditional education

If someone were to set foot in their old school they would find a very different place from the one that they remember. Blackboards and learning by rote are just a distant memory. Modern classrooms are vibrant places that have adopted all kinds of technology to drag education kicking and screaming into the twenty first century.

Apple are at the forefront of this revolution and it’s not hard to see why. Their machines are ground breaking and cutting edge with multiple applications in this kind of environment. The other factor that is driving the emergence of Apple in education is ease of use. Apple devices are intuitive and easy to use. Kids can get to grips with them quickly and easily. Apple has a certain kudos in the market and children love to learn with their products.

Think Apple in education and most people imagine children using iPads, which is exactly how it is. The iPad is one of the most important educational devices in a generation. It can be used in so many different ways, from simply viewing video and surfing the web through to creative activities like design and music. It’s application rich meaning there are all kinds of educational programmes and tools available to use. No other device and platform can come close.

Using the iPad for education is the best decision many schools and colleges have made. It’s a very different world out there these days. Children need to be tech savvy in order to succeed and teachers are able to engage them with forms of learning that are fun and engaging.

It’s no unreasonable or outlandish to start thinking about a future in schools without physical books. Not when a tablet computer can carry so much information and allow pupils to learn in so many different ways.