Women spend longer choosing greeting cards

These days, there are many different types of greeting cards available for consumers to purchase. One source of such products that is rising in popularity is the internet. By heading into cyberspace, consumers can choose from a range of offerings. Whether they want cards to mark birthdays, romantic occasions or anything else, online photo printing can be the perfect solution. Also, such photo printing can be straightforward and cheap.

According to new research, women may spend longer selecting the cards they buy than their male counterparts. A study conducted by Scribbler found that ladies spend an average of 912 seconds choosing the items, while men spend 356 seconds performing the same task.

Meanwhile, the firm also claimed that women are more likely to plan ahead, buying their cards days and even weeks before they are needed. In contrast, men typically leave the purchasing process to the last minute, with 83 per cent of the company’s next day delivery orders being placed by their male customers.

It was also found that men tend to buy more than one card for a loved one, particularly for Valentine’s Day, while women appear to be more decisive.

A spokesman for the enterprise remarked: “Men often buy two cards for a loved one, typically a risqué one and a safe choice. Then they make a last minute decision about which one to use. So if your boyfriend or husband presents you with a romantic greetings card the chances are he might have something a little more adult in a draw somewhere.”

He added: “Men tend to leave it until the last minute and then panic buy, often spending more money. But women are much more considered card buyers.” The representative suggested that the female approach is more cost effective.

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