Finding Alternatives To Original Printer Inks

Is ink really so expensive? Many printer manufacturers would have their customers believe that it is and that it is imperative that they make a significant outlaying for the best quality inks. Of course inks do come in different qualities and in fact, that was one of the biggest concerns with compatible ink manufacturers who seek to reuse printer cartridges, but so long as a quality manufacturer of the ink can be found, the difference should be negligible. Epson ink cartridges, for instance, are some of the most expensive on the market often costing up to half of what the printer did when it was purchased. Like all technologies, printers depreciate in value as newer models become available, but the price of ink cartridges remains the same. This can mean that Epson printer ink can still cost customers as much as £60, even if the printer has depreciated to less than that.

Fortunately, many consumers are fighting back because of the amount that they are being charged for printer ink. More and more reputable ink manufacturers are offering cheaper alternatives to the printer manufacturers which means that there are significant savings to be made on some of the best brands of printer. It could cost as little as a third of what the printer manufacturer is asking for. In this day and age, these manufacturers are no longer the gamble they once were. But if you are going to invest in 3rd party ink, it is important you find out where they are sourcing their ink from, and whether it can be trusted. On top of this, there are multiple ways that the ink can be bought – you could refill an old cartridge, you could be a refilled cartridge, or it might be an original cartridge in its own right.