Caring for People with Dementia

Dementia is perhaps one of the cruellest diseases. It can rob a person of dignity, of their personality, of their independence. Their friends and family can feel as though they are grieving for their loved one, and many are at a loss as to how best to support and care for them.


Specialist dementia care homes provide specialist dementia nursing care for individuals who are suffering from dementia at any stage. They are normally used when the dementia has progressed to an advanced stage, when the person’s loved ones are no longer able to support them to live independently.


But living at a home specialising in dementia care, or receiving dementia nursing care, may well be the best thing, since the best support is available on hand, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, alleviating the worry of the person’s loved ones that they will be alone or injured and unable to call for help at home. Care homes and homes offering nursing care for people with dementia, also have the best facilities on site to be able to maximise the person’s quality of life and give them much-needed independence and sense of self-worth and dignity.


Choosing a care home is a crucial decision and one that should be taken by those closest to the person with dementia. If you believe that your loved one can no longer safely be cared for at home, you should look around the homes you are considering, and consider whether the atmosphere and care given to the existing relatives is what you would want for your loved one.


Once a care home is chosen, you can speak at length with the care home staff to give them information about your loved one – perhaps providing a life story book, or telling them about their likes and dislikes, their personality and their particular needs. You should also provide comforting, familiar possessions that can be brought in to your loved one’s new home. Providing clothing that your loved one that reflects their style can add to their feeling of self-worth and help to preserve their identity.


A good quality care home for people with dementia will provide for their basic needs, including bathing, dressing, tending to their physical needs and ensuring that they have sufficiently nutritious food. But it will also provide for their emotional and intellectual needs, preserve their dignity and self-worth and provide them with a good quality of life.

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