The Word is Outlet

“The world is your oyster” William Shakespeare

In the words of Britain’s most famous playwright, the world is your oyster. But it’s often hard to feel like that when the bills need paying and there isn’t anything much in your wallet except a few receipts and the odd moth.

But fashion shouldn’t be a hardship, and wearing a stunning swing coat or brilliant blouse will transform your day and make you feel a million bucks, so why should you have to forgo the buying of new clothes for other more boring spends? If only the two could go hand in hand without your bank manager calling you.

But with the advent of Ted Baker’s new concept – the online outlet store which offers you the styles of the previous seasons at designer sales price, you are offered the chance to become a walk of art with every garment that you choose to wear. If you fancy the nostalgic fifties glamour that the autumn winter 2011 look brought, or want to carry on celebrating the female figure with modern cuts and minimal shapes, but can’t find what you are looking for in the stores, then try browsing through the online sales outlet to see if there is any stock left to make your day.

If you gents seek the racing green colours or aviator jackets that Ted brought you last year to keep you warm until the sun comes again, or are looking for that unique deconstructed tailoring, then Ted’s outlet might just have the little gem that you are seeking.

Whatever season your heart desires, shop the online outlet to find the look that you crave.


The world IS your outlet, browse our online sales items