Looking After Your Valuable Diamond Jewellery

If you are lucky enough to own some diamond jewellery, you would be most annoyed to find something had happened to it. While you can protect your diamonds with insurance, in case there is damage or they are lost or stolen, there are several things that you can do to keep your precious jewellery in excellent condition. Diamond jewellery or loose diamonds usually has great sentimental value, and so even with an insurance policy, you would not want it to be replaced. Luckily, some general care and attention can reduce the risk of that needing to happen.

To avoid losing your diamond jewellery, treat it in the same way that you would treat a bundle of cash that was worth the same amount as your diamond earrings, necklace or ring. This includes not leaving it lying around on view in a car or hotel room, for example. Similarly, don’t leave it too far from your person when travelling, such as in your hold suitcase when catching a plane. Diamond jewellery is especially appealing to thieves as it is a valuable commodity – they won’t care about the sentimental value it holds for you!

When it comes to maintenance, only use mild detergent and warm water when cleaning your jewellery, and always use a bowl rather than cleaning it directly in a basin or sink to avoid it going down the plug hole! Remove your ring or bracelet when doing manual tasks such as washing up, cleaning or if you have a job which heavily involves your hands. When removing your diamond jewellery, also make sure that it is kept somewhere where it is not going to get scratched or chipped.

Even the best made diamond jewellery can break, especially if it is worn regularly, so make sure that you get it checked regularly for loose stones or clasps.



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