How Yoga can help you Lose Weight

Yoga is wonderful exercise.  It can help you to be more flexible, help with breathing problems and reduce stress, along with many other benefits, but not many people realise it can actually help you lose weight.  Although the stretching and breathing exercises associated with yoga may seem counterintuitive to losing weight, yoga can actually be a very effective weight loss method.  Yoga can be an excellent workout for your body and mind.

Ashtanga yoga, or flow yoga, can burn calories.  Ashtanga yoga is extremely physically active and can be extremely effective at raising your heart rate.  An increase in heart rate automatically puts your body into fat burning mode.  During an ashtanga workout, you work through a series of poses that flow into one another.  Each pose is held for several seconds, and then you flow into the following pose.  It’s essential that you wear cool and comfortable yoga clothing during an ashtanga workout because it can get sweaty!

Practicing yoga can help you gain a better understanding of your body.  When you’re trying to lose weight, the most difficult part can be combating food cravings.  These can occur even when you’re not really hungry.  During a yoga workout, you’ll learn how to clear your mind of distractions.  This will help you to listen and understand the needs of your body and help you to understand the difference between cravings and real hunger.  Once you’ve undertaken a yoga regime, you’ll love the difference it makes to your body so much that you’ll be more likely to eat healthily and take care of it.

Yoga is a wonderful, beneficial exercise.  Finding a yoga class that suits you will help you to have the discipline to lose weight and keep it off.  Adopting yoga can make a huge difference to your body, mind and lifestyle.

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