A beginners’ guide to planning enforcement

Even if you are not an architect, contractor, developer, local authority figure or some other sort of professional directly involved in the planning enforcement process then you are probably still familiar with it. Along with planning appeals it is an important process which forms an integral part of the industry which affects all sorts of stakeholders. With that in mind here is an introduction to the ins and outs of planning enforcement:

If you are hitherto unfamiliar with planning enforcement then you will be interested to hear that it involves planning disputes and applying planning legislation. In other words it is an investigation into breaches of planning legislation. Breaches can be anything from a construction which has in built a yard or so over property boundaries to buildings which are not safe enough to comply with regulations. Planning enforcement can be needed for domestic properties or commercial premises as well as municipal buildings.

Despite its name it is not as acrimonious a process as many people think it is. Indeed many cases are resolved in a civil manner through arbitration. However, if you are involved in a situation involving a dispute over breaches of planning law then you need a planning enforcement professional to guide you through the process.

How do I get the right planning enforcement professional?

If you are looking to enlist the services of a planning enforcement specialist then make sure you get the right one. The stakes are high so it pays to get sound advice. When it comes to planning enforcement it is experience that counts. If a firm has a number of high profile cases under its belt then you will have someone who knows how the other side works as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their case. In other words getting the right planning enforcement services can give you the best possible chance of winning your case – be that one of the many planning appeals which are launched or a basic planning application. One very experienced company which will not waste your money or time can be found by visiting Ce-pes.co.uk.



Planning enforcement

has to be closely monitored and carried out by fully skilled, seasoned specialists who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Ce-pes.co.uk specialises in first rate planning appeals