Easy Ways for Bars to Attract More Custom

When you say the word ‘karaoke’ you are likely to notice than opinion is extremely polarised. Some will talk endlessly of their favourite tunes to rock out on the karaoke machine, whilst others will give you a stern look that conveys a huge amount of disappointment in you for even mentioning such a thing.

However, at the right time, in the right place, karaoke is likely to suddenly be exactly what everyone wants. Even those who will quite happily try to sever their friendship ties with anyone who wants to sing on one will often suddenly get very much into the spirit, if not even have a go themselves, so long as it is at the right time (often after a few too many pints).

Karaoke machines have a certain stigma with some, but much like many of the reality music shows on TV, they are often simply derided by those who have a penchant for higher quality music. However, much like the auditions stages in any one of those musical reality shows, the car wreck fascination of seeing someone murder a great song is often just as much fun as having someone surprise you by singing with the voice of an angel.

Karaoke machines are therefore a great way to attract a huge amount of extra custom for many bars. In times when every bar has to lower prices and offer numerous promotions just to get enough custom to stay afloat, having a karaoke machine gives you a sure-fire way to attract people on special occasions, to book your venue for functions, and to give you plenty of ways to offer more than the competition. Whether you have it open to all, offer prizes for the best or simply save it for times when you can see your clientele are ready to let go a little bit, having karaoke on offer can attract even those who hate it, just so long as you use it at the right times.



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