Defining dangerous driving

Just what are dangerous driving offences? There is often much confusion surrounding this area of traffic law as this charge is similar to that of careless driving. A dangerous driving charge however is more serious and carries stiffer penalties.

In a dangerous driving case the prosecution will aim to prove that standards of driving were far below those expected of a competent and considerate driver. The prosecution team will also aim to prove that a careful driver would be able to see plainly that driving in this way was dangerous.

In basic terms the main difference between dangerous driving and careless driving is based on the standard of car handling. If the standard had dropped just below normal expectations then this would be labelled careless driving however if it falls further below standard then dangerous driving charges are made.

Dangerous driving can mean that a custodial sentence is given with a maximum two year sentence. It is also mandatory that you receive a driving ban. There are no clearly defined rules on what constitutes dangerous driving but here are some examples:
• Overtaking another vehicle in a dangerous way
• Driving with excessive speed
• Driving a car when it is in a poor condition
Dangerous driving can also be applied where there has been a serious accident.

In the above instances motoring and speeding solicitors can help to ensure that you have the best defence available. This is an extremely serious charge and you need to understand your options from the outset. A good motoring solicitor can work to reduce the charge to that of the lesser offence of careless driving. This then makes it possible to aim to avoid a driving ban which can make a huge difference to your future.

At Cunningham’s Solicitors we can help you to achieve the best outcome for your individual situation with our expert motoring solicitors.




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