Understanding the grey areas of failing to stop and report

There are many motoring offences that can land you in Court with most people being aware of the penalties charged for speeding offences and drink driving. However there is one area that often catches people out. Common sense can sometimes go out the window and a person can find themselves in serious trouble.

Failing to Stop and Report
This is actually two motoring offences rolled into one. The first is failing to stop following an accident and the second is failing to report when an accident has occurred. Very often the two driving offences will be charged in conjunction with each other.

The first charge becomes applicable to you if you have failed to stop following an accident and have not provided your details. Many people however get caught out here as you don’t need to be involved in the accident itself. For example if you were to pull out at a junction and then another car swerves and drives into a tree without damaging or injuring you it is still expected that you stop. Regardless of who is at fault you still need to stop and supply your details. The only exception to this rule is if you are unaware that there has been an accident.

An example of this is where a lorry driver was accused of backing into a parked vehicle and then drove off. In his defence motoring solicitors argued that the driver would have been unaware that there had been an accident and therefore could not be expected to stop and exchange insurance details.

If you are part of an accident which has resulted in an injury then this must be reported to the police within 24 hours. However the law states that this should not be interpreted that you have 24 hours to report but that the incident should be reported as quickly as possible.

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