Canvas Printing for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day fast approaches everyone is on the hunt for a unique and sentimental gift. Canvas printing is revolutionising the way we display images around the house, long forgotten family treasures are fast becoming works of art and make the perfect Mothers Day gift.

Firstly choose an old family photograph that is in good condition and carries a special memory. Choose the room you think your mother would want the image to hang and make note of the size and shape. Scan the image onto a computer and save it as a jpeg ready to upload to a canvas art printer.

Choosing the right canvas to print on is vital and can make or break canvas printing. Firstly, pick a canvas size and shape which reflects the area / room you are hanging it. If the area is big then choose a larger size canvas.

Once you have decided on a size, then you will need to choose the canvas depth. Canvas Printing looks best with a one inch depth, however if you want a canvas larger than 30cm x 25cm then a two inch depth will look more sturdy. The edges can also be customised to suit your taste. The most popular idea is to wrap the image around the canvas edges; however this wrapping will crop some of the image. Instead you can opt for a reflective side which reflects a small portion of the image to fill the edge; this gives you a similar design of a wrapped canvas without the cropping. If you prefer something simpler than you can opt for plain white or custom colour side – just make sure the colour suits the room.

Complete your canvas printing by customising the canvas colour; this will depend on your image type. If you have chosen a vibrant and colourful image then leave the print in colour. If you have chosen an older more vintage style image then have it printed in black and white or sepia, whichever suits the room’s colouring best.

Have your unique work of art shipped to you as soon as possible and make sure you have enough wrapping paper and a big bow to go around it.

Your Image 2 Canvas is a canvas printing company based in West Yorkshire. They are a family run business and pride themselves on producing high quality canvas prints.