Survey Line is your number one resource for premier building surveys

Survey Line was established in January 2000 by a national network of Independent Chartered Surveyors. The sole focus of the business is to provide a comprehensive selection of residential and commercial property services for customers across a wide selection of sectors.

We quickly established a reputation for providing one of the foremost communication services for building surveys and valuations in the industry. With this Chartered Surveyors and valuation professionals were invited to join the network. Very soon Survey Line had a collection of some of the most represented and respected services in the UK, specialising in building surveys, homebuyer reports, and providing invaluable local knowledge and expertise to assist people invaluable residential and commercial guidance.

All of the staff that we have recruited to carry out building surveys is highly proficient and experienced. Indeed, this proficiency extends beyond building surveys to valuations and homebuyer reports. We can provide invaluable knowledge, whether you’re looking for assistance with your building surveys, or indeed more tailored and specific areas of advice, then here at Survey Line our help is invaluable.

So, why should you consider our building surveys?

The building surveys (sometimes called a structural survey) are the most detailed of the three reports that we compile. These building surveys are recommended for pre 1940’s dwellings, or any properties that have been extended or altered to ensure the structural integrity of the building. These building surveys will examine each aspect of the construction of the residential or commercial property through detailed reporting.

Indeed, so comprehensive are these building surveys that the property surveyor that examines your property will report on even the chimney pots and stacks, roof cover, soffits, fascias, gutters and even the downpipes with meticulous attention to detail. The surveyor will also examine the surrounding area and catalogue any visually apparent problems with the boundaries, advising you of any landscaping issues that must be resolved.

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