How Photos Can be Utilised within Greeting Cards

All card retailers who operate within a commercial property or online offer a multitude of products that are most suitable for all occasions, ages and genders to perfectly accompany gifts or have their own individual impact as a spontaneous gesture. Cards contain their own unique message which is ideal towards creating the perfect response or reaction, whether it is in celebration of a birthday or received accolade, or a sympathetic gesture of goodwill and love following a bereavement. Traditional and modern greeting cards are designed with the sole intention of being fit for its respective value of sentiment to be given or received during a special occasion or annual holiday.

As receiving the former on a regular basis can gradually lose its appeal and lack an element of uniqueness, the latter via the form of personalised greeting cards can inject an element of diversity towards a positive impact. Photographs are an excellent gift on their own accord within a photo frame or embellished upon a full-scale frame or canvas which depict the happiness and overall personality of an individual, group of friends of family unit. Due to the advancements in computer technology, photographs can now be incorporated upon greeting cards which can either add a sentimental or humorous touch to any occasion.

Many personalised card specialists allow individuals to source photographs from already developed images, or if using a computer then pictures stored on a hard drive or uploaded onto social networking sites such as Facebook. Both utilise the element of surprise as individuals do not have to require the intended recipient to take a personal photograph in order to be used for a card. Such forms of personalised greeting cards can either come in the form of ‘face-it’ cards which places the recipient’s head or face within a humorous cut-out image, or within an upload template which depicts a variety of settings, such as a magazine cover or ‘Wanted’ poster. Although such cards are generally considered to be more appropriate for children to celebrate their birthdays, incorporating photographs are ideal for individuals of all ages to provide a unique gift with a personalised edge that traditional cards do not always contain.

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