IT support in the home counties

IT is a crucial function in any business. If the systems go down then the whole organisation grinds to a halt. Any sort of problem has to be fixed and fixed fast. It’s fair to say that IT support is business critical. Staffing an IT department or function is expensive. Staff don’t come cheap and when it comes to support there isn’t always something for them to be doing. It’s a massive drain on the business to have highly paid IT staff sat idle waiting for the next problem to deal with.

It’s precisely this issue that has led increasing numbers of businesses to consider outsourcing this function to an external third party provider. This makes perfect sense on every level. Instead of maintaining the overhead of an in house person or department, some sort of contract with access to telephone support and engineers if required is a better financial model.

The home counties and London are the powerhouse of the UK economy. There are a whole host of businesses in Surrey and Sussex and they need to keep their systems running at all times. IT support in Surrey is increasingly carried out based on this model. From Guildford to Redhill, businesses are making the move to outsourced IT support. They are reaping the benefits of lower costs and a more nimble business model. IT support in Surrey can be carried out remotely up to a point, but companies also need to choose a provider who can get engineers to them quickly and easily should something more serious occur.

Just over the county border it’s a similar story. IT support in Sussex must cover the main areas of activity like Brighton and Crawley. Compucare offer support to businesses across the region. Whether it’s IT support in Sussex or the rest of the home counties, Compucare offer a flexible and efficient model.

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