Computing outside of the office doesn’t have to be a problem

Computers are everywhere. They have transformed almost every working practice in every industry imaginable. When most people think of a worker using a PC they think of the traditional desktop model – a tower, keyboard, monitor and mouse. This is fine in the office, but the reach of computing extends far beyond this environment. And outside the confines of the office a very different kind of computing is needed to help companies embrace and take advantage of increased automation.

PCs are vital tools in many different industrial processes. Outside of the office they need certain modifications in order to make them more practical. An industrial PC needs to be more durable for starters. It’s going to take some punishment and it also requires a different kind of operation.

That desktop unit just doesn’t make sense outside of the office. In order for it work here it needs to a touchscreen PC to allow for fast and easy operation where people don’t have desks to work at and chairs to sit on.

Manufacturing and industrial companies are going to need to find specialist suppliers of the the technology they need to stay competitive. PCs have the power to transform production and process. These machines make a huge different to output and productivity. The benefits they bring cannot be ignored.

Distec Ltd are one of the UK’s leading supplier of this type of industrial PC. They source cutting edge technology from around the world in order to provide their customers in the UK with the latest touchscreen PC units. These can be put to good use in a variety of industrial environments. They are specially designed to cope with the rigours and intensity of industrial use and are versatile in their design to ensure they can be operated as part of a variety of production processes.

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