What are customers really thinking?

Successful companies listen to and understand the needs of their customers. They don’t leave anything to chance. They constantly assess the happiness and satisfaction of the people who use their product or service and continually adapt their offering accordingly.

They don’t leave anything to chance. There’s no guesswork. They don’t work off hunches. They carry out customer satisfaction surveys to find out exactly what people think of them. If staff are badly trained or give incorrect advice then this will impact on service levels. If it’s happening then it needs to be identified and corrected.

This is where mystery shopping companies can help. By sending an under cover representative into a shop or by calling up a customer support line they can gauge and assess just how well things are going. They can then report back on their experiences as a customer. It’s an exercise that can be very revealing and enlightening.

Mystery shopping companies help organisations get to the root cause of service issues, which can then be quickly addressed and corrected. On going customer satisfaction help companies keep a handle on what is going on. This information is vital in staying one step ahead of the competition.

Failure to monitor and address customer satisfaction is only going to lead to failure. No organisation can afford not to know what customers really think about their offering. Getting an idea of the bigger picture isn’t complicated or costly. An external partner can help a company to design surveys and carry out mystery shopper exercises. For such a small investment the pay back can be enormous.

Douglas Stafford Ltd are experts in this field. They have helped companies from a huge variety of industry sectors carry out these exercises in order to better understand and serve their customers. Perhaps it’s time to start gathering this data.

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