Shining a light on customer satisfaction

When customers make a purchase in store or call up a helpline how well are they treated? What do they really think of their experience with that company? Do they feel valued? Are they treated courteously and attended to promptly? Are they given good advice by well trained staff?

Every company would hope so, but the reality can be very different. And the negative implications are huge. A disgruntled customer is much more likely to comment about their experience to friends than a happy one. This can saddle companies with a bad reputation very quickly, which is an absolute disaster.

That’s why customer satisfaction surveys are so important. Successful businesses are never complacent. They never make assumptions about their customers. They like to remain in the know and always strive to find out exactly what people think about their product and service.

Regular customer satisfaction surveys play a big role in this. They give a clear picture quarter on quarter just how well staff are doing in their quest to offer great service.

Another interesting exercise relating to this is that of a the mystery shopper. By sending someone in posing as a customer, it’s possible to get a realistic snapshot of what is going on in that store or on that helpline. Many businesses call upon the services of mystery shopping companies to help them run these exercises.

Mystery shopping companies can design, run and analyse effective exercises to give the organisations they work with the bigger picture on customer service and satisfaction. Douglas Stafford Ltd have extensive experience in this area. They have worked with many different organisations to help them identify and address customer satisfaction issues. Working with them is an enlightening exercise. It’s an investment with huge pay back. Every company needs to know exactly what their customers are thinking and experiencing.

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