The Importance of MOT Service

Safety is of paramount importance within any walk of life, particularly on the road where heavy vehicles travel upon the roads and motorway on a daily basis whilst following regulations such as the Highway Code to ensure an individual’s journey is a safe one. In addition to adhering to legislation on the road, it is also imperative to ensure that any purchased or owned vehicle is fit for purpose and road-worthy in order to avoid any accidents or mechanical failures that could provide detrimental to the driver, in addition to any passengers or other individuals on the road. Over a period of time, acquiring car servicing is prerequisite to allow expert garage engineers to check all vital elements of a car to ensure it is in full working order and fit to be driven on the road.

First and foremost, gaining a MOT and service via a franchised dealer or independent garage is essential from a legal perspective as car owners hold the legal documents and responsibility to ensure the vehicle is road-worthy. Compulsory testing is required for cars that have been in existence for over three years and remain valid for one year; all documents require renewal before their expire date to ensure the safety of individuals and other road users. The extensive nature of any MOT test is of paramount importance to ensure vital elements such as the brakes, lights and fuel systems, in addition to all safety features and emission levels generated by the vehicle, are either in good working order or fit to be used as a road vehicle. Failure to put a vehicle through essential car servicing can lead to unsafe features or broken parts which may cause serious damage and harm in the immediate or long-term future.

When looking for a garage in which to receive a MOT and service, it is of vital importance to analyse the credentials of all services and ensure they are certified and approved to provide MOT tests and a validated certificate. Due to the relative cost of acquiring sufficient car service in order to own a vehicle that is road-worthy, seeking the services of a professional MOT centre with all the required facilities and machinery to carry out vehicle services is essential to ensuring a car receives the best testing to remain safe, both legally and upon the road.

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